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All orders have to be prepaid within 7 days after recieving the invoice! Orders that are not paid two weeks after recieving the invoice will be treated as "not wanted anymore" and be cancled without further notice!
There is only a "guarantee of delivery" for orders after complete payment, within two weeks after recieving the invoice. Delivery occures immediatly on availability.
And at last, please add an expressive reference line to the reference field of your e-mail. We will eliminate all e-mails without an expressive reference line in the reference field due to the hugh amount of spam mails we get every day! Thank you.
Liebe Kunden,

Für Online-Händler bringt der Januar, relevante Gesetzesänderungen. Bereits am 09.01.2016 tritt die Verordnung mit der (EU) Nr. 524/2013, zur
„Online-Beilegung verbraucherrechtlicher Streitigkeiten“ in Kraft.

Diese sogenannte ODR-Verordnung (Online Dispute Resolution) hat das Ziel, eine unabhängige, unparteiische, transparente, effektive, schnelle und faire außergerichtliche Möglichkeit zur Beilegung von Streitigkeiten zu schaffen. Diese Streitigkeiten können sich aus dem grenzüberschreitenden Online-Verkauf von Waren oder der Bereitstellung von Dienstleistungen innerhalb der gesamten EU ergeben.

Das Ziel dieser Verordnung soll, durch die Einrichtung einer Online-Streitbeilegungsplattform (OS-Plattform) auf EU-Ebene und die Regelung der Zusammenarbeit mit den nationalen Stellen für die alternative Streitbeilegung erreicht werden.

Wir als Händler sind daher ab 9. Januar
2016 verpflichtet worden, unsere Kunden auf die Existenz dieser Plattform zur Online-Streitbeilegung hinzuweisen. Informationen dazu finden Sie in Artikel 14 Absatz 1 der ODR-VO, den Sie unter folgendem Link als PDF herunterladen können: 

Außerdem müssen wir den folgenden Link zur OS-Plattform für Verbraucher leicht zugänglich auf unserer Webseite und denen des Shops plazieren:


Wie auf der Website der OS-Plattform nachzulesen ist, wird diese voraussichtlich erst im Februar 2016 ihren Dienst aufnehmen – die Hinweispflicht besteht allerdings dennoch bereits ab dem 9. Januar!

Corona Chaos Mail Check

Dear Customers and Friends,

its still getting not much better with the CC and shipping to the US and Overseas is a challange. In general nothing really has changed jet. Have a look to the Corona Chaos Mail Check Link above before ordering please, because things may change faste than we can adapt our shipping conditions on this pages!
Please let us know which way you want us to ship your order when ordering, by adding a note to te order.

For the US: There is shipping as Premium Package from 5kg of weight up only.
Below that we can ship by parcel, but without tracking no. and insurance! Means on your own risk. This goes by land/sea and may take 25-30 days!!
Welcome back in mideval times!

So the infection numbers are rising in Europe and Overseas again, it may come to changes without further notice instantly. We try to ship your orders as fast as we can but we are last in chain and have to accept the rules.

Best is to plan long term and see to order your X-mas presents right now, to make sure you get them in time!
There will be not many new items until end of year probably. China is delayed through lockdown early this year and lower sales break the prodution of new items. Everything comes later than announced.
But there is still a lot of stock in our warehouse and we order best we can to keep supplied.

So see to get the X-mas feeling by dessing up your home office and do a virtual shopping tour right now!


Dear Customers and Friends,

so the Corona Crisis doesn't get better, shipping to the US is still a problem.
By now the Deutsche Post AG/DHL only ships packages that have the extra Premium Service which costs an extra fee of 16.00 Euros!
Recorded letters and parcels will not be shiped at all!

So we are forced to include this fee to the shipping fares shown in the shop by now, to be able to send out orders!
We only can give you the hint to order as much items as possible to get close to the 5kg minimum limit to get the most from it!


Dear Customers and Friends,

Covid-19 is still with us and gives us a hard time in many ways. So we hope you are all well and stay healty, it is still a problem to reach many of our clients around the world by mail/package service!
Especially USA and Americas are out of reach at the moment, because there is simply no way to ship packages by mail.
Please refer to our service link above prior to ordering to make sure there is a postal service available!

We try our best to ship your orders as soon as possible, but simply can't if there is no service available.

The threat has also slowed down supplies and new items that where announced for this year. Due to production delay in China and problems to ship around the world it all will go a bit slower than usual.

So keep an eye to this page and check the link above to learn when shipping to your country is possible again and  stay healty!

This week a shipment from Easy Models arrived containing 1/72 German Tanks in many versions. To list them here would take to much space, so please se the items page or the shop page directly.


Dear Customers and Friends,

it is still not possible to send out any shipments to the USA and overseas. Due to Corona restrictions many other foreign countries are not available too. So please continue to check the situation by useing the link above before placing an order!
We will send out any order as soon as possible if we see a chance to so please be patient!

Some a bit more happy news are the fact that we got the first new items from Far East  by today. This makes optmistic that things will normalise from East soon.

We got the long waited for M5A1 Stuart Light Tank in late Version by Classy Hobby and in 1/16 Scale! What a kit. First look proofst many good details and a lot of parts. The box is full up to the top. Even the track links are made of 6 parts and are as close to the original as possible.

Also available by now are the German and US Jerry Cans and Fuel Drums sets. They contain each 4 drums and 8 cans. The US Drums are made with the top on the drum part, so only the bottom part needs to be glued in. Thus erases the seams that had to be sandes and filled to make them fit.
These Cans and Drums are an accessorie that shouldn't miss on any diorama or model!


M5A1 Stuart, Light Tank, Late Production

Plastic Model Kit 1/16

Plastic model kit in 1/16 scale with single link tracks, moving gear, 4 sets of decals, photo etched parts, hatches can be built opend or closed.
Static model.

Manufacturer: Classy Hobby
Item-No.: 16MC16006

In stock!


US WWII 20 l Jerry Can & 200 l Fuel Drum Set

Plastic Model Kit 1/16

Kit of the always needed extras.

Contains 4 barrels and 8 cans.

 Manufacturer: Classy Hobby
Item-No.: 16MC16008

In stock!

16MC16002.jpg German 20l Jerry Cans & 200l Fuel Barrels

Plastic Model Kit 1/16

Kit of the always needed extras.
Contains 4 barrels and 8 cans.

Manufacturer: Classy Hobby
Item-No.: 16MC16002

In stock!

35TM1008.jpg Pz.Kpfw.I Ausf.A, German Tank

 Plastic Model Kit 1/16 scale

With metal etched parts.
Comes with single link tracks and moving wheels.
5 markings possible.
Crew figure not included

Manufacturer: Takom

In stock!


Dear Customers and Friends,

due to transportation problems and restrictions during the Corona Shut Down, shipping to foreign country destinations becomes a hard job at the moment.
Several countries have closed their borderes, others are simply not in reach due to lacking flights and shiping capacities.
Every country has different rules and problems at the moment and we have no chance to keep track with what is possible or not!

At the moment shipments to the USA, Kanada and rest of America are impossible as we had to learn today. Simply because there is no way to get there and there are to many packages on the way to be shipped. For that reason the German Post /DHL refused to accept new shipments at all!

So we are simply not able to track all country restrictions, we ask you to check for them yourself before ordering!
We will still accept any order, but will also ship them ony if possible under the conditions we offer.
This means postage and duration.
We will hold any shipment as long as this is not possible and send it as soon as the conditions go back to "normal".
If you don't want that, please don't order before checking on your local situation first!

Here is a 
DHL web site link which informs on the state of situation in Germany on English:

Corona Chaos Mail Check


Dear Customers and Friends,

although COVID-19 strikes all the world right now, we are still in business and able to do so as long as mail is working.
So model making is one of many good ways to spend spare time, of which many of us have more than enough at the moment, it also helps to calm down and relax and staying at home gets easy by the way.

So use the chance to do something good and build a model you always haven't had the time for and stay at home to protect all others.


Dear Customers and Friends,

Ok, that's it!
Britain is out of the EU and here are the first consequences: From now on we are forced to treat UK as a Rest Europe country in terms of shipping fares.
So please note that UK will now be listed in the Rest of Europe shippinbg fares list.
The shop will charge you automatically the correct postage, while ordering. But it is much more expensive than before, sorry.
Any thanks please send to Borris "The Beastie" Johnson who insisted in getting out...


Dear Customers and Friends,

some more new Oldies or old News. See it as yo like. Revell has re-released its old 1/32 scale Monogram kit of the Apollo spacecraft with interior and clear parts. So it is still the only one of its kind its also a great kit for super detailing and converting. Unfortunately they never made the LEM in the fitting size too. This one was only available in 1/48 scale but without the CM/SM. So its lacking one of each in any scale! By useing original Photos from The NASA archives you may super detail this kit. Who knows the Web will find the original pictures of the Apollo Spaceflight Program at the NASA Archives in high res. So the pics were taken with a Hasselblad 6x6 photocamera they are available in 8K resulution. It takes a while to download but the pictures are great. See NASA Copyright rules for use!

32RV03703-SM-CM.jpg Apollo 11 Spacecraft
with Interior
(Command Module & Service Module)
Scale 1/32 Plastic Model Kit.

Well known former Monogram kit with interior and clear sections.
Less parts, but great scale for super detailing.

CM with detailed interior
    3 Astronauts Figures
Clear CM section with interior
Clear SM section with interior
  Detailed seats 
Contains glue and 4 basic colors

Parts: 83
Lenght: 324 mm
Height: 223 mm

Manufacturer: Revell
Item-No.: 32RL03703

In stock!


Big Ed B-24 PART

1/32 scale complete photo echted parts set 
for B-24 by Hobby Boss.
Consisting of these four single sets:

JX230 Painting Mask
32944 Cockpit Set
32945 B-24 Seatbelts STEEL
32438 B-24 Engines

Manufacturer: Eduard Accessories

Item-No.: 32BIG33102

In stock!


Big Ed B-24 PART II

Photo etched parts complete set
for 1/32 scale Hobby Boss B-24 kit.

Contains the following single packs:

32437 B-24 Undercarriage
32440 B-24 Bomb Bay 
32441 B-24 Bomb Racks

Manufacturer: Eduard Accessories
Item-No.: 32BIG33103

In stock!

Eduard is acompyna known for high quality phpto etched accessories even with printed on colored details, which expands the posibilities of detailing a model to the max. For the Hobby Boss B-24J and D are several sets  for super detailing available, which are also available in to so called Big Sets Part 1 and Part 2.
Part 1 contains cockpit interior and canopy painting masks, while Part 2 has the details for the bomb bay interior, as well as som wheel details. You can chose to build the bomb bay closed then you will not need the interior detailing parts of Part 2. The Wheel detailing is available in a seperate set. What is a must is the Cockpit interior with printed on details in color, because there is no way th do this better and the cockpit is visible always.