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Für Online-Händler bringt der Januar, relevante Gesetzesänderungen. Bereits am 09.01.2016 tritt die Verordnung mit der (EU) Nr. 524/2013, zur
„Online-Beilegung verbraucherrechtlicher Streitigkeiten“ in Kraft.

Diese sogenannte ODR-Verordnung (Online Dispute Resolution) hat das Ziel, eine unabhängige, unparteiische, transparente, effektive, schnelle und faire außergerichtliche Möglichkeit zur Beilegung von Streitigkeiten zu schaffen. Diese Streitigkeiten können sich aus dem grenzüberschreitenden Online-Verkauf von Waren oder der Bereitstellung von Dienstleistungen innerhalb der gesamten EU ergeben.

Das Ziel dieser Verordnung soll, durch die Einrichtung einer Online-Streitbeilegungsplattform (OS-Plattform) auf EU-Ebene und die Regelung der Zusammenarbeit mit den nationalen Stellen für die alternative Streitbeilegung erreicht werden.

Wir als Händler sind daher ab 9. Januar
2016 verpflichtet worden, unsere Kunden auf die Existenz dieser Plattform zur Online-Streitbeilegung hinzuweisen. Informationen dazu finden Sie in Artikel 14 Absatz 1 der ODR-VO, den Sie unter folgendem Link als PDF herunterladen können: 
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Wie auf der Website der OS-Plattform nachzulesen ist, wird diese voraussichtlich erst im Februar 2016 ihren Dienst aufnehmen – die Hinweispflicht besteht allerdings dennoch bereits ab dem 9. Januar!

Corona Chaos Mail Check

Dear Customers and Friends,
finally an real novelty is coming tomorrow!
The new Takom 1/16 scale tank kit is a real tiny tank the Wiesel A1 with TOW of German Bundeswehr.
It is the first
Bundeswehr Tank by Takom in this scale and a special one for sure.
Wiesel A1 TOW
Deutsche Bundeswehr
German Tank
  Plastic Model Kit 1/16 scale Manufacturer: Takom
Item-No.: 16TM1011

In stock!

This small tank looks less than it is. Capeable to be transported in or under the CH53 helicopter it is in combat the moment it is unloaded!
Faster than most other vehicles on the field it supports the Infantry and is a violent threat to tanks with its hit and run tactics.

The kit comes with a figure, working single link tracks, working suspention and road wheels and 5 types of markings. It is a display model.


Dear Customers and Friends,

while the Corona Pandemic is still violating our lives there are some things to be taken care of while ordering from outside Germany.
Depending on the status of the Deutsche Post Index shown on the side linked above, there are changes without further notice in the shipping fees and ways possible we can't forsee or react in time to.
Therefore our shipping fares are just basic information that may change even after you ordered and got an order confirmation!
So we can't track the changes of the postage in time, we recommend our customers always to check the link above prior to ordering!

In some cases it may happen we are forced to ask you to pay extra postage, due to the fact the situation changed until we got the order shipped.
This may happen in hours unfortunately.

For all overseas customers we recommend not to order below a minimum of 50 Euro and a weight of less than 2kg!
DHL doesn't ship parcels to the most countries!
They always ask for "Package Premium Service" shipments!
These have a limit starting at 2-5kg per Package and will start at 56,00 Euro shipping costs, depending on the location.
So it makes sense to order up to the limit to keep the postage relativly low.

It may also happen that certain areas will not be served by DHL due to rising infections.
We can't change that and have to make you wait or cancel the orders in such cases.

We will notify you always when postage changed after your ordered and ask you what to do!
If you are willing to pay the extra postage, we will send you an additional invoice, stating the facts and your order/invoice-no..
Please don't make any payments without receiving the invoice first.

There may be people out there that try to cheat you that way, so you are always welcome to contact us and reassure that the invoice is correct!

In case you don't want to pay the extra fees you may cancel your order by sending us an e-mail without any costs.
We will redund your payment the same way you sent it.

We are sorry to cause you trouble that way, but are in fact in the same situation you are!
Thank you for your understanding.


Dear Customers and Friends,

still in Corona Mode all over the world. I hope you made it healty to the New Year and to all who were sick, get well soon!
Many things have changed during the last year and not only trading become a tougher business. After the UK have split off the EU we ran in several problems that will complicate the jab shipping to the UK for quite a while until everything has sattled and runs smooth again.
First of all the days of cheap postage to UK are over. The Uk are
now not a white spot on the map, but almost as close from the point of view of German Post AG. Every shipment now needs custom declaraition forms and ist treated as "Rest of Europe"-Zone which means the postage is much higher than before the Brexit.
Well we are not able to change that all and have to live with it.
Also the ordering in the UK for me is now of less interest because items would be more expensive than ordeing in the EU or directly in Hong Kong, etc.
Seen this way, there are no benefits right now on eather side, except for the Chinese. Thanks Boris!

Our American friends will have some similar problems, due to the customs restrictions and the Corona shipping limitations. As known since two years by now we are not able to ship small items as a recorded letter
anymore. Due to regulations that prohibit other materials than paper in a letter!
For that reason we are forced to send out everything, if small or big, as a package. During Corona the shipping also is possible only as Premium Standard which ist even more expensive, but has no other consequences, but arriving faster. We are able to ship by sea and as a parcel, but will only get a tracking code when we order it by Internet. But there is still no Insureance included. So we are forced to ship by Premium Package around the world!

All these doesn't help us in the global internet business, and thinking it has to do with politics isn't that wrong I guess.