Shelters in Detail

Battle Shelter

One of many possible variants of the large Battle Shelter.
This kit includes the shelter, shelter roof and 11pieces Panel Set.
The shelter is made from polystone, the panels from resin.
All panels can be installed individually, which makes own designs possible!
On the roof weapons systems and sensors can be installed by use of any of the weapons bases, depending on the task.
At the entrance side a ramp can be lowered. The roof can be detached and opens the view inside the shelter. It also can be used as a open site. As additional parts floor panels are available.
The unpainted model. in the column tops magnets have been  installed here, to attache the rood in snap fix.
This can also be managed in low-tech by use of simple bolts.
The inner and outer walls are plain so individual panel insallation is possible.
This entrance isalready  secured by a lock with terminal here.
The ramp will be snap fit into the bunker and can belowered or closed then.
The model has about 2kg of weight.
The massiv shelter roof is prepared to take the bases for weapons and sensors as well as any of the panels.
The bases fit on top of the sockets as well as inbetween!
Test fitting of prototypes of the weapons bases on the roof. The production parts look different, but have the same measures.
The weapon systems are simply stuck into the bases and can be interchanged within seconds!
The entrance with the ramp and the lock.
The shelter also can be used as a radar station. It also can be a combination of i.e. an AA-Gun and radar, too.
You also can make it a fortress by exessiv use of any available gun!

Mid Shelter
The Mid Shelter comes in this case as a generator station connected to shelters and sites by the energy hose.
This shelter is about twice as long as the small one. It comes with the same Panel Set, too and can be
designed individually also.
The Mid Shelter in a variation of camo. It is not finished jet, that's why the terminal panels are white.
But it shows off quite good the way colour influences the appearance of a model!
Also visible is the different way the panels are attached and how that changes its look.
Where the entrance is located is a decission the modeler/gamer can find.
By use of doublesided tape or magnets the panels can be fixed temorary too!
Small Shelter

The Small Shelter, here as a radio station with generator connector.
The use of these shelters lies in their multiple usability in varios combinations and tasks.
The basic model can be converted into almost any imaginable type of shelter with any task.
Unpainted model with attached panels.
The panels fit to the gaps in the walls. The combinations are a matter of free will!
Bunker-A-05.jpg Bunker-A-01.jpg
Unpainted model from resin. The production model are made of polystone and much lighter therefore.
They also can be painted easier.
A bit of acrylic paint and the thing has a mission!
Bunker-A-03.jpg Bunker-A-02.jpg
The unpainted radar on top shows one of many possible tasks.
In a second this radar station can be changed into a hellfiring gun base that may look as follows...

RG02-01a.jpg RW03-02.jpg
Automated firepower by Railgun on Weapons Base 02.
The shelter is ammo box and gives a higher point of aim.
Automated firepower by Small Rockets Launcher
on Weapons Base 02.

The shelter is ammo box and gives a higher point of aim.
Vulcan-02.jpg FL-BA006-Radar-001.jpg
Automated firepower by Vulcane Double Barrel Gun
on Weapons Base 01.
The shelter is ammo box and gives a higher point of aim.
Radar Stationfor short range detection and fire coordination
on Weapons Base 01.
Figure only shows size, not included!
E-Gun-02.jpg W-Turm-04.jpg
What weapons system ever is mounted on the shelter doesn't matter, because due to the standardized weapons bases they can be interchanged at any time. You don't need a shelter for any gun that way! This makes cases lighter when travelling to friends or conventions.
By use of two Weapons Bases 02 and one Weapons Base 01 as well as a piece of tube a higher guntower can be built.
This gives the gun a wider field of aim!