Pilots for F-14 Tomcat 
by 48 Special Models
 in 1/18 scale
48 Special Models is proud to present its new designed 1/18 scale pilots figures for the F-14 Tomcat in 1980's version. These kit consits of resin cast parts for two pilots, fitting exactly the cockpit of the JSI F-14 Tomcats. So the manufacturer of these aircraft models don't provide pilots for them until now, this gap is closed now on demand by our customers.

These pilots are made to fit the F-14 cockpit only and show the late 1980's suits and helmets.

Made from grey resin with polystyren characterisics. Consisting of lower body, upper body, head, helmet, mask and arms. Can be glued with cynoacrylate only. The armes can be fixed in varying prositions, but are optimized for a lift off situation. Due to the limited space in the cockpit it is helpful to assemble them partically and fit them together in the cockpit later. If removeing of the figures is wanted, they should not be glued, but fixt by bolts at the hip.

Before assembly test fit the figure to the cockpit to see how to get it in and to place it correctly. Especially the backseat is quite tight and needs a test before finally assembly to see how to manage assembly here.

Before painting clean the figures with thinner to remove the release agent. Don't use aceton, because it may attack the resin! Sand them with a sanding cloth then and paint with a primer. Final finish can be done with any modelling paint in the usual way. It showed that painting the parts before assembly is much easier. Especially the head!

In general the suit is olive green and the boots are black. The helmets color vary. In the first years they mostly were white or decorated by the pilots in their special way. During the 90's the Navy helmet became grey. For sorties over land the helmet was covered with a temporary camo pattern suite made of cloth.
The pattern varied due to the terrain operated in.
The visor is gloss black or smoke. The glideing surface it rests on is of leather and black or dark grey.

The mask and its hose are light grey with dark grey areas. The belts are mostly dark green.


f-14piloten-80er-002.jpg f-14piloten-80er-005.jpg
The figures fit the cockpit seats exactly! Positions are made to fit a lift off or in flight  situation.
f-14piloten-80er-006.jpg f-14piloten-80er-010.jpg
The pilot is seated in in-flight position.
One hand at the stick one at the throttle.
The weapons operator is in attention position.
Ready to take controls any time.
f-14piloten-80er-004.jpg f-14piloten-80er-012.jpg
Here the legs fit the cockpit too, on both seats!
The figure without seat. So it is made from parts it can be assembled particaly to the cockpit to fit perfect.
f-14piloten-80er-014.jpg f-14piloten-80er-019.jpg
The mask and helmet are seperate pieces and can be removed!
Only on the first glimps the same figures. They realy fit only the seat they belong to!
f-14piloten-80er-015.jpg f-14piloten-80er-016.jpg
To make this sure the backs are marked!
Also to be seen the flatened areas the seat contacts the figure. So the seat will not give in, the pilot has to, to reach perfect hight.
Armes and heads can be interchanged. But that's of limited sense only.
f-14piloten-80er-022.jpg f-14piloten-80er-029.jpg
Clearly to be seen here the entering problems to expect on the backseat! This is why the figures should be assemled in parts into the cockpit.
Yes, an entering figure is on the shedule already!
f-14piloten-80er-026.jpg f-14piloten-80er-027.jpg
The view from above shows that this figure is the ultimat addition to the model, especially when painted!
The oxygene hose can be adjusted by heating it carefully!
f-14piloten-80er-033.jpg F-14piloten-80er-043.jpg
Attached to the helmet are two bumps that keep the pilots head to the middle of the headrest while lifting off and prevent him from breaking his neck!
While assembling the head of these detail should be taken care of!
The kit parts.