Assembly of the guidance aircraft Ar 234C

So there was only the hobbycraft kit which was not available while writing the instruction, an detailed update by 48 Special Models for the new Hasegawa/ Revell Ar 234C Kit is handed out. The new kit by Hasegawa / Revell gives the opportunity to build the Mistel 6 Ar234C / E 377. Therefore the needed struts have to be made from the Ø1mm brasswire that comes with this kit.
The assembly is done by use of the drawing that comes with the kit and an additional new bending pattern. Little divergences in dimentions may be possible! Therefore we recommend to check them prior to assembly.
The Ar-234C has unlike the He-162 a V-shaped rear strut and two V-shaped struts on the lower side of the engines. So there were ETC bombmounts it is to assume they would have been used for conneting to the E-377! This means the V-struts stayed on the E-377 while it was ejected from the ETC. The rear strut would have been seperated by explosive bolts.


The front struts on the Ar 234C are connected to the bombmounts underneath the jet engines. Drill two Ø1mm holes into the depressions of the bombmounts on each side. Because the bombmounts are used for connection, connectingplates are not needed here. The struts will be cemented in place only.
These struts are parallel and go vertical into the upper side of the E-377 Wing (distance right to left strut 86 mm). The connecting point is 29mm back from the wing root, exactly on the engraved centreline. Drill here a double hole in each wing, each Ø1mm. Here rests the front strut. On each side of the strut two angles can be placed. Therfore sand off one side of the angles, so it becomes an L-shape and place it to the left and right beside the strut on the top of the wing.
The rear strut has a V-shape. It is connected to the E-377 fuselage by an angle. Point of connection is the double engraved ring (like to be seen in the sketch). It is connected to the Ar 234C to the left and right lower side of the fuselage. The distance inbetween is 19mm. The strut is tilted backwards a little, so a trapezoid shape is formed with the other struts. This prevents the whole structure from vibrating.
The rear strut is connected to the Ar 234C with the rounded connecting plates, also used for the He 162. Therfore drill the holes into the fuselage first and cement the plates in place afterwards. Put the strut in place and cement it to the Ar 234C. We recommend to first testfit all the struts and cement them to the Ar 234C only. After painting is finished the Ar 234C can be fixed to the E-377 finally.