AV8 B Harrier II
Marines "Ace of spades" 01 or "Avengers" 05
Plastic Model Kit
1/18 scale


In stock!

18HB81804-AV8B-002.jpg 18HB81804-AV8B-003.jpg
Much easier to handle, the smaller kit box.
Less problems on quality and broken parts.
Box size:
Hight: 160 mm,  Width: 400 mm, Length: 600 mm
Decal set for 2 versions included.
Marines "Ace of Spades 01 and "Avengers" 05
18HB81804-AV8B-005.jpg 18HB81804-AV8B-006.jpg
Fuselage halfs
18HB81804-AV8B-007.jpg 18HB81804-AV8B-008.jpg
Cockpit and nose section Main wings
18HB81804-AV8B-009.jpg 18HB81804-AV8B-010.jpg
Rudders and elevators Nose cone and flaps.
18HB81804-AV8B-011.jpg 18HB81804-AV8B-012.jpg
Lower fuselage section and pods Tail light, screws and springs of landing gear
18HB81804-AV8B-013.jpg 18HB81804-AV8B-014.jpg
Canopy (not glued on!)
Fuselage detailing parts
18HB81804-AV8B-015.jpg 18HB81804-AV8B-016.jpg
Trust nozzles Pegasus jet engine
18HB81804-AV8B-017.jpg 18HB81804-AV8B-018.jpg
Bays Landing gear parts, refueling probe, detail parts
18HB81804-AV8B-019.jpg 18HB81804-AV8B-020.jpg
rubber tyres  Bombes
18HB81804-AV8B-021.jpg 18HB81804-AV8B-022.jpg
External tanks and rockets Pylones

All Pictures Copyright by Hoby Boss

The AV8B Harrier II was released by Merit as a pre-built model in two versions a while ago. One version was the Marines "Avenger01" made exclusive for the japanese market and produced in lower quantity. Obviously there have been problems with the packing of the models, which caused some demages and also glueing the canopy to the cockpit was not liked by collectors too! The mous grey color scheme for the US/EU market als was no hit.

Many collectors, including myself, disliked the assembly quality too. This made me think about why they don't sell the model as a kit with pre-painted parts? Because assembling it wouldn't be a challange.

Seen this way the release of the plastic model kit from Hobby Boss is a big step forward for all able to assemble a kit like this. Mostly the spray painting of such a big aircraft model will be the challange for most modellers, because you can't do that easy on the kitchen table!

The Hobby Boss kit is identical to the Merit pre-built model parts. All parts , excluding the under belly pods, come with the Merit model too. Assembly isn't hard to do, because the kit was designed for industrial assembly which has to be quick and easy!

And all the rivet nerds now have a new play ground and it is a large one!
There is so much you can add to this basic kit. First of all sharpening the front edge of the wing root, or adding lights to make it colorfull. A real challange will become cockpit detailing, becuas now there is a chance to see it. And 48 Special Models is ready to provide a fitting pilot figure as soon as possible.

A display stand is under construction also.

There are lots of pictures on the internet showing the AV8BII from almost any side and in any color. By searching the net we found some nice pics wi thought you would like to see. The ones here are in low resulution for copyright reasons. Search the web and you will find them in high res, mostly on the home pages of the Squads. Checking details was never so easy and interesting!

VMA-211-photo-033.jpg VMA-211-photo-035.jpg
VMA-311-photo-040.jpg VMA-311-photo-045.jpg
VMA-542-photo-030.jpg VMA-211-photo-006.jpg

All pictures from Internet